On Nov 8 2017

We all know that marketing is the lifeblood of every business. TVs, radio and print advertisement did well from many years ago and they are still helping us. Did you realize that those types of marketing are no longer effective as before? The digital world is really evolving and for sure this has changed people’s life as well as preferences. What we used to prefer are no longer our favorites. Isn’t this true? Take a look at you, what do you do when you’re in front of a TV watching your favorite channel and an ad pops up? Don’t you take a remote and change the channel? It’s funny that most of people do the same. We are in a digital world. Why can we stick to traditional marketing?

Now let’s explore reasons why we need to shift to digital marketing:

How people search for response:

 things are now different. Back in 10 years ago, what would you do if you were to book a hotel room? Wouldn’t you buy a news paper to read and know where to find the best hotel in town? Back in today’s world. What would you do in the same situation? Won’t take your smart phone or computer, open your browser and search on internet? That’s how things changed. Your customers begin their buying process online, usually by searching to find something they have questions about and social media allows you to share that valuable information, engage with your prospects, put a human face on your brand and Interact on the platforms where your ideal buyers spend their time.


These types of marketing are so saturated and so similar that people no longer pay attention to them. Commercials interrupt television shows. Modern communications technology has allowed people to escape and avoid these annoying interruptions. Uniqueness is a key to success. Why can’t you separate yourself with that mess?

Cost effective: 

traditional marketing is really expensive, think about what it costs you to afford a three seconds TV ad? In contrast, digital marketing is cost effective. You can create your YouTube channel to showcase your commercial videos. SEO [search engine optimization] and social media platforms are free. In addition to that, you can easily measure your ROI [Return On Investment]. Using social insights, web and Google analytics tools you are able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy as well as change according to customer’s reaction.

Two way communication:

 our customers like the kind of humanity they find behind brands. They want to express their feelings towards what we offer. With traditional marketing the Business shouts out a message about its brand, and that’s it but People can’t interact with the message or the brand even if they want to. With digital marketing, people can talk back and engage with the brand. They can send an email, leave a comment on a blog, post on social media or leave a review.

Targeted advertising: 

You don’t want just anyone. You want people who are most likely to become leads, and ultimately, happy customers. With TV, radio, print and other types of traditional marketing you just push the message with only the hope that if enough people who are in your target audience hear the message, they will respond. But unfortunately many people who are not in your target audience are also exposed to your message. Why can you waste your budget pushing information to those who don’t care? You attract more of the right customers with relevant content at the right time – when they’re looking for it.

Unlimited presence: 

Through digital marking you are virtually available 24/7. Your online version of business never sleeps. Customers can find information about you at any time with no need to wait for a TV or radio commercial that passes at a fixed time and for few seconds.

Digital marketing is the easiest, cost effective way to boost your business. Most of us can’t live without social media. Let’s take advantage of social media evolution, let’s digitize our business.

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