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I used to think that social media channels are for fun.  Eventually, I came to realize that social media are far more than that. A well managed social media platform is a necessity for a business. Did you know you can increase sales and promote products on social media? Most of us do not surely know why and how to use social media for their business. In this blog post, I am going to share with you three important reasons why every business need to use social media.

Brand awareness

Every single minute, I check notifications to know what is going on, on social media. I think you and many others do same. Imagine when a person always finds your brand, what is going on in your business, your services or even your new products every time they check their phones. Keep in mind that through social media, customers identify brands they can trust.  Your customers are already on social media and they must find you there otherwise you will be experiencing such a big loss.

Relation building

It’s clear that social media channels are also for entertainment. This sense of entertainment is what provokes relation building from social media channels. Social media makes customers feel like you are a friend who is always with them. They fell connected to you as well as what your business offers either services or products. Frankly, what customers like from us is humanity. Connecting with them makes them feel that you know them and their preferences. Social media platforms are a good place to build customer trust.

Increase conversion rate

By conversion I mean the specific action you want your social followers to take such as a sale. showcasing your products often through social media channels is the easiest, free and efficient way to convert your social followers into powerful customers. People who frequently see your products on social media, like your posts or even comment or share, are likely to become customers.

At Lange technologiez we know how to harness the power of social media. Using creative ways and innovative solutions we create unique campaigns to help you create the buzz about your brand.

 You heard me talking about “a well managed social media platform”. What does this really mean? How can a social platform be organized for maximum efficiency? Can you answer those questions? Let’s continue our conversation: like our facebook  page “Lange technologiez” or find us on twitter @lange_tech.

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Hello! I am a Digital Marketing Executive and I passionate about helping brands to champion their brand across digital platforms, build awareness and increase traffic, sales as well by using advanced SEO and effective social media strategies. I believe that pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work. Feel free to add me to your linkedin profile and say hi!

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